Concept creation,
restyling and franchise development.
Welcome where people's happiness, good food, design thinking, and business minds work together.

We create concepts, food brands, and we enhance existing business formats franchising in food&retail sectors by providing integrated strategic consultancy.

Our purpose is to create a better place to work, a memorable guest experience to live, and a profitable business.

From Italy
to 42 countries
since 2004
Thanks to great people met in 5 continents
we have expanded our know-how, our partnerships
and our friendships!

We perform at our best when the qualities of people
merge under a common goal.

“The quantities compete for space,
the qualities complement each other”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Our approach to services

We don't distinguish much between work and leisure, between body and soul, education and recreation, love and faith.
We simply pursue high standards of excellence in anything we do, leaving the others to decide if we are working or playing.
We always think to do both at the same time.


  • People first
  • Brand learning
  • Project brief
  • Market analysis


  • Purpose
  • Design for business
  • Experience configurator
  • Prototypes and tools


  • Idea, product, technology & CAPEX
  • Replicability means future
  • Centralization 
  • Funds
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We improve guests experience by acting upon senses and data.
Our success comes from a multidisciplinary experience.
Do you want to know more?
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Desita S.r.l. - Italy - Dubai - India - Egypt
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