• Market analysis, study of competitors and international trends.
  • Economic, financial and technical analysis.
  • Business models.
  • Experience configuration (user, food, brand).
  • Communication strategy support.
  • Brand and concept design management.

Today he might be the “King of Kebab“, but for the great entrepreneur Dr. Naser Ghazal, establishing a chain of fast food in Italy, with ‘kebabs’ being the protagonists on the menu was not an easy task. Sitting in his headquarter, Dr. Naser dreamed of ‘going against the tide’ and taking a chance. His determination and hard work have finally paid off. The first franchise chain with 4 direct stores was launched in 2001 under the brand name ‘Shockabab’.
The achievement was tough, and it took some time for his new fast-food idea to gain popularity and appeal amongst the population. Albeit the struggle, Dr. Naser remained steadfast and strived to break even. He realized that in order to stem back to profitability, ‘Shockabab’ had to reinvent itself. This realization sowed the seeds of SKK, a Mediterranean fast food concept, which became a highly profitable alternative to Dr. Naser’s original “only kebab” chain business within a couple of years. The philosophy behind SKK was to give to consumers a legendary alternative fast-food experience. 
SKK concept incorporates the “Mediterranean Hospitality” through the Greek "Xenia" experience – a feature that sets the SKK brand apart from other fast-casual restaurants. Xenia forms the basis of the guest-host relationship of ancient Greek culture and (it) is considered the ‘ultimate measure of great hospitality even in an era of modernization.
We have kept the Xenia hospitality experience at the very core of this restyling project and we have amalgamated SKK's food, environment, and service elements to create a new brand identity that is synonymous with great customer delight and satisfaction.
The new SKK Mediterranean Restaurant is all set to be the first one to adopt the casual dining approach and to offer the Xenia hospitality experience to its guests!

"United Nations of Mediterranean Food"


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