We belive in
giving back.
The happyes people are not those getting more,
but those giving more.


One of the cornerstones of creativity is the instinct to observe the world through non-obvious or excessively limited perspectives, capturing in every object, every space, every situation that element, almost magical and invisible, which could transform it, enrich it and make it even more special. . This component, when combined with the elements of sustainability and responsibility, can give life to projects of great value, aimed at the collective good, not just profit.
Desita believes in creativity, our daily bread for years, and deeply believes in the importance of developing non-self-referential entrepreneurial action, which knows how to see beyond itself and supports initiatives aimed at generating virtuous circles with a highly positive social impact.

Among the projects that we have decided to support, there is Bicycle for Humanity.

For some, a bicycle is a simple means of transportation, while others can see a child’s future in it.

Bicycle for Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity is a global grassroots movement that provides the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle to many in developing and developed worlds. In addition to delivering bicycles, many B4H groups work with the local people to develop the skills to manage the bike programs and to ensure that the community realizes maximum value from the gifts of mobility that our chapters and inspired members provide. Bicycle solves the problem of mobility and helps empower people to change their life.

The mobility a bicycle provides allows people to travel greater distances in a shorter length of time and transport much more weight. Mothers can carry containers of water back to their village in a fraction of the time.

Students get to school faster saving precious daylight for studies. Parents transport more items to the market to sell at far better prices than they can get from local traders. Healthcare workers are 3 to 4 times more productive. In today’s technology connected world, we believe that a bicycle and a smartphone are the game changers in all of the developing world.

Sending a container of 500 bikes, empowers an entire community, changing thousands of lives in the developing world and your world at home. Deep down, everyone wants a better life and helping others helps ourselves.

Together we make life-changing wishes come true for underprivileged children.

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