We are
and business oriented.
Everybody Matters:
each member of our Team, our Clients, their Guests and our Partners.
We don’t talk about target or leads, we talk to people, calling each one by name. We have always believed in H2H: human to human.

Relationships are the best business!

Our services

We want to pursue goals of happiness, design, positioning, growth, consolidation, improvement of procedures, innovation and beauty in our services.
We guarantee in-depth analysis, highly customized solutions, knowledge of the international market and confidentiality.


It all starts with a first meeting in which we get to know and learn about each other.
We listen to you to understand your perspective, desires, problems and goals, so that we can deliver the best solutions.
Being people-centric means to create the best environment to facilitate connections between your staff and guests.
This will differentiate your business over time.
  • People first
    People are important to us.
    You, your staff and your guests are the main characters. As our mission, we aim to bring happiness to all.
  • Brand purpose
    Brands are about people and how they connect to the business’ purpose.
    We need to know you, what do you do and what you wish to achieve.
  • Project Team
    Just like homes need foundations, your project needs a specific team of professionals.
    We are skilled to support you.
  • Market Analysis
    It’s imperative to create a bespoke concept in today’s market saturated with competition, to ensure your chance of success.
    You must make your guests aware of your business’s unique character, to stand out fromthe crowd.


A paved road means design, a pathway means experience.
Which one fits the best to you? Not having a strategy is a strategy?
  • Stories
    In order to standoutyouneed to connect with real people, not just followers.
    We createstory driven experiences where yourguests are at its center.
  • Design for Business
    Creating, planning,developing,managingprocedures and processes tobring happiness to people and profit to your business.
    Weunload everything on the ground for the best optimization of time and costs.
  • Experience configurator
    Numbers never lie.
    We are all-sense driven, however,specific data must be used.
  • Prototypes and tools
    Prototypes are the value engineering thatsave time and money.
    Our sharing contents toolswill facilitate your understanding, the ongoing communication and future applications.


Design thinking meet trends, data,BP & MKT plans.
A nice design is worth nothing if it does not help to sustain a business or enhance its profitability.
  • Idea, product, technology orCAPEX
    At least one of thisis mandatory.
    We will take care of the rest, business plan included.
  • Replicability means future
    A concepthasto be unique.
    A business format hasto be replicable.
  • Centralization
    Design consistency. Production scaling.
    Cost effective.Ease ordering system.
  • Funds
    We can support you in foundingfunds.
    Our International Investors Network is looking foryou.

Our mission
To create the happiest experience in people's everyday life
and to enhance the business profitability to stakeholders.

Welcome where profitability and happiness work together.

Our story

Since 2004 we create concepts and we develop business formats franchising in the foodservice and retail sector alongside entrepreneurs during the growth plans acceleration process and the progressive enhancement of their brand development.

We are specialized in a segment that is extremely focused onstrategic consulting andintegrated planning to support those who areinterested in creating new concepts or enhancing existing business formats,through replicable, memorable and economically sustainable solutions.

We sweep in a very specificarea of high transversal professionalism, which in fact excludes the general and vertical services of architects,interior designers, suppliers and contractors, with whom we might activate collaboration agreements.

Because the management of the entire business project processes have to be based on strategies, data,trends, BP & MKT plans and not only based on creative ideas, products or equipment.

Our international case histories tell you very much about us and our multidisciplinary approach, taking into account all aspects to improve people’s experience and your business’ success.

We were born from the insight that an evolved entrepreneur needs a tailored support, dedicated to the satisfaction of real needs, avoiding the old opportunistic relationship between supplier and client.

The DNA of the company is made of passion, enthusiasm, listening, understanding and sharing, while our resilient attitude has allowed us to evolve over the years always performing to the best of our ability.

Enhancing HumanIntelligence and People Behaviour

Ourresponsible food retail business platformis born from the objective need and desire to create or reinforce people awareness about sustainability. The mission is to actively contribute to the creation of business practices in the foodservice and retail sector that are both environmentally and socially sustainable for responsible and profitable investments,developing and implementing a protocol that can serve as a vademecum for all stakeholders.

Is the International contest that connects the design and food world.
Our initiative aims to bring innovation and new value to the gelato and pizza sectors offering the possibility to designers, architects and creatives to rethink the whole experiential process and to propose their project ideas to the market. The contest goal is to explore the relationship between design and tools usability, emerging technologies and functionality, starting from applying innovative approaches, systems or control interfaces, to exploring and redesigning the whole “experience”. Both from operators and guests sides.

“The quantities compete for space, the qualities complement each other” is a thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer that perfectly summarizes the spirit of our professional networking event that has put together hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs of the foodservices industry, in Milano, Tehran and Tiblisi.
Ourinnovation foodservice and retail platformsupports the creation of new business models in the sector. We bring together mentors, investors and a large international network of stakeholders in one place. Our mission is to support the startups and exhisting business that wish to better perform and develop.

Every day we come into contact with professionals who work with passion. Theirs is a choice of life, a way of being and, often, almost a mission. #worksforthem is a way to express our gratitude to all fo them!. Our photographic contest that enhances the faces, the gestures and the expressions of the foodservice professionals and collects them in the largest black & white photos gallery entirely dedicated and available on our Instagram account.

All the current greatest brands have been small once, and their stories are handed down as examples of insight, strategic vision and interpretation of the market. “Neonata” (startup) means something extremely beautiful, powerful, suggestive and “growing”, but also fragile, not yet consolidated, in need of attention. Neonata looks at the future: it identifies, analyses and describes new Italian food concepts with high potentials which are still in the conceptualization phase. Our purpose is to enhance good business ideas even before the format and chain diffusion.
Are you empathic, creative, enthusiastic and passionate?
Your unique way of being is important to us to get the most out of teamwork. We have an organizational structure that is as horizontal as possible, with few levels between staff and management. We think it is more productive to involve you directly in the decision-making process, rather than direct yourself from above. We will therefore appeal to your will of doing, professionalism and responsibility.
Your expert in design for business.

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