Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

153 pastry stores across GCC countries

Main services: business model, concept creation, brand positioning, sustainable declination, development setting.

Saadeddin owned 39 patisserie shops, distributed throughout the Saudi territory, and wanted to enter in a real franchise development to expand in neighbouring countries.
The culture of the Arab confectionery is well known for its ingredients, less known for the specific behaviour linked to entrepreneurial vision, consumer habits and religious restrictions.
To solve many problems and satisfy a list of desires, we proposed a concept by taking into account many variables, without distorting the strengths already established.
It was certainly not a matter of simple look&feel restyling: aesthetics, as always, is only a component of a much broader strategy, a strategy to be acquired more and better.
That's why our priority was exactly to intervene in the business model, before any other aspect and, at the beginning, it was not easy to transfer this rather radical idea.
Saadeddin has been the first pastry shop to structure the 85% of its stores on a self-service model meeting the needs of the demanding customers.
The result is a brave hybrid between a boutique and a new patisserie concept, which soon has tickled the imagination of consumers and investors.
A great leap in quality concerns the aspect of sustainability with fully involved materials and lighting solutions.
Thanks to these choices and, of course, to the constant work of those who operate into it every day, the Saadeddin chain has grown from 39 stores to 153 in a few years.

"We sincerely thank Mr. Ali Saadeddin for trusting us."


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