Pizza Rino




  • Market analysis, study of competitors and international trends.
  • Economic, financial and technical analysis.
  • Business models.
  • Experience configuration (user, food, brand).
  • Communication strategy support.
  • Brand and concept design management.

The mission was to create an easy, fast, and profitable concept.
Easy to understand and to operate in, fast in development, profitable in revenue. 
Pizza Rino is a unique business model that brings together Italian traditions, food quality, and design, without the need of previous experiences since a Pizza Chef is not necessary. 
It requires a small investment since there is no need for a professional oven, while it can generate high profits and the Pizza chain can be developed quickly and easily. 

"If an alien arrived and asked us what the food of the planet is, the answer would be: pizza!"


Your expert in design for business.

Desita S.r.l. - Italy - Dubai - India - Egypt
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Credits TITANKA! Spa