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United States of America

600 laundry stores across Europe

Main services: business model, concept creation, business format engineering, supplying, project management, general contractor.

The American giant,Alliance Laundry Systems, introduced itsSpeed Queen brandin January 2014. Nowadays, being a hallmark of revolutionizing innovation in commercial laundry and industry-leading of superior performance and reliability, makes you the choice of millions of investors globally.
Sinceinnovationoften means “building the right conditions and environment that are necessary for the innovation itself“, wehave truly revolutionized the self-service laundry business model through a dedicated concept creation by making significantimprovements that generate a better user experience.
From designmanualstogeneral contractorfor flagship storeswe defined the Brand Manuals, conceived a unique Brand Style, developed customized price lists, selected competent and reliable suppliers gatheredin a bespokepurchasingsystem, optimized costs and times that have translated into considerable savings.
Thanks to the results achieved, Alliance Laundry System decided to adopt ourconcept design guidelines in all its laundries worldwide!This indeed is a milestone achievement for us.
In addition, we created the concept design of their headquarters in Italy, France, Germany and Dubai, acting also as general contractor.

"World’s No. 1 in Self Service Laundry"


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