Ecoffee stems from the objective need and desire to create or reinforce consumer awareness, even in those smallest everyday gestures, like taking a coffee, can help to improve the quality of life of the individual, of the local community, of the nation and of the entire planet.
The mission is to actively contribute to the creation of business practices in the retail&food sectors that are both environmentally and socially sustainable for responsible and profitable investments,developing and implementing a protocol that can serve as a vademecum for all coffee shops but not only.
With the evolution of the ancient concept of coffee shop, transformed from a simple meeting point, to a social flywheel, generator and supporter of the culture of respect for the environment and for ourselves, we want to develop a new business model for responsible investments.
The project is based on fundamentals which obviously can be modified and expanded based on the evolution of products and technologies in the field of eco-sustainable materials and the development of new themes and approaches to the themes of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


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