• Market analysis, study of competitors and international trends.
  • Economic, financial and technical analysis.
  • Business models.
  • Experience configuration (user, food, brand, digital).
  • Communication strategy support.
  • Brand and concept design management.
  • Prototyping.
  • Processes and procedures engineering.
  • Format design management.
  • Digital purchasing platform.
  • Project management.

We have been committed to creating a concept that could be inserted, temporarily or semi-permanently, in any historical downtown, urban or suburban areas, airports, train and metro stations, exhibitions, hotels, events, and new generation malls.
A bespoke double-decker eco-friendly modular structure suitable for indoor and outdoor, designed with the ambitious aim to provide a home to any food excellence in the world and related brands. Wherever they want, whenever they need.
POP'n'Up allows established brands, new restaurateurs, exhibitions, hoteliers, and event organizers, as well as investors, to profit from the food specialties’ sale in their chosen locations.  

"Popping up catering and emotions"



Your expert in design for business.

Desita S.r.l. - Italy - Dubai - India - Egypt
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