Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Market analysis, study of competitors and international trends.
  • Economic, financial and technical analysis.
  • Business models.
  • Experience configuration (user, food, brand).
  • Communication strategy support.
  • Brand and concept design management.

Our loyal partner Mr. Ali Saadeddin came to us with the request of developing a project whose aim was to bring the gelato culture to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Creamy was born with the intent to put Italian gelato in the foreground.
The concept and the related overall look&feel of Creamy are highly personalized and much attention has been paid to details. Starting from the logo, we carried out an accurate study, reporting even the shape of the gelato cup in the “Y” of Creamy, whose soft lines remind it. Working on the layout of the store, we decided to keep the same soft and modern lines with bright colored walls in contrast to the milky white furniture. The shop is illuminated by funny white drop lamps reminiscent of drops of ice cream.

The project is targeted at millennials and goes to meets their desire of sharing the experience. We wanted to get closer to this target in order to understand the up-and-coming guests’ needs.

Indeed, when you operate in such a peculiar country, you must consider the local religious arrangements and consumption habits that nowadays are merging more and more with international trends, creating a challenging path to pursue in order to succeed. We managed to create a cutting-edge gelato shop that embraces both luxury and in step with the times' concept of gelato.

"We thank again Mr. Ali Saadeddin for this renewed trust". 


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